Monday, 5 March 2012


Hi. I'm stumped.  This is a post to follow the earlier CUBE + OCTAHEDRA post, both comprised of a unit designed by the talented Francesco Mancini. I don't know what one of the intersecting polyhedron in this modular ball is called (hence the post title). The compound is (I think) two tetrahedra - 4 sides, 4 verticies, and 6 edges (totally math!) - but one of them has some weird bendy-stuff going on. So I'll just leave it and say it's weird. Voila!

Again, like the 24-unit model, this 12-unit model has interesting patterns depending on which angle you view it from. The bigger version had a combination of square- and triangle-based as well as high- and low-tipped pyramids. This one is all triangle-based, and here's a diagram of the result. Bam!

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