Saturday, 2 February 2013


I've had this blog for about 2 years and honestly did not know if I would be able keep it going for this long. It's not the greatest of milestones, sure, but 100 origami posts is something to celebrate in my mind! I hope whoever is out there reading in the cyberworld has gotten at least a glimmer of inspiration or simply a joyful smile out of my little paper endeavors. I know that for me, this blog has been a source of excitement and happiness whenever I sit down to write a post and to share pictures of paper projects I found really fun (or sometimes not so fun).

This post is veering even further away from what we call 'origami' (because it isn't origami). But throughout these past 2 years and past 100 posts, I've realized that I'm not just that origami-girl, I'm more of an all-around-paper-girl. It's not that single form of manipulation that get's me all giddy, it's the medium itself. Lately, I've been exploring something that seems to be a lot more mathy: Drawing up polyhedron nets by calculating the angles between triangles (and making a ton of mistakes in the process), cutting them out and reassembling them from their 2D shapes into a 3D form.

This is the net for a pentakisdodecahedron (possibly my new favourite shape! It's gorgeous!). 12 faceted pentagons (aka 60 triangles) assemble to form this globe-ball beauty. I want to make a million more (and I just might). I've got more of these constructed polyhedra on the way, as I am currently obsessed. This was the most recent one I've made and recently acquired a tripod (thanks Dad) so I was able to document the 'making-of' which I thought was really exciting! I'll be posting the other ones I've made soon - hopefully the collection will keep getting bigger!

.... Now, for this blog, I'm hoping to keep this up even after I'm done school. I know the paper exploring won't stop, so I don't see why the documentation should either. Here's to 100s more posts in the future!