Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Wow, my last post was  April 17th. My sincerest apologies. What else can I say? I haven't got much to show for my past two months of absence (sort of) to even make up for it. But just to show that I am still alive, I thought I'd post something.

How about where it all started? This is the book that started it all. My sister received it as a gift when I was around age 10. We'd had lots of fun making our way through the book from simple cranes, boats and hats at the beginning, to fancy flowers and various animals, then to things too complex for us to figure out. By the time we'd reached the last chapter of the book, things got a little too intense. But that's what I truly enjoyed about this newly-discovered form of art. This chapter - "Modular Origami" - started this whole obsession of mine. 

 As you can see, the book is good and worn out from being toted around for the past decade. It moved to Beijing two years ago with my family, then I stole it and brought it to Hong Kong, and soon (too soon) it will return to Ottawa (to its rightful owner). Anyways, enough of that.

 Finally, I'll finish this off with the sneakiest of sneak-peaks. Something I've been slowly working on for the past two months (since I had to fold something even in the most busiest of days). Not going to go into detail. Just a lil' picture. Stay tuned, sooner or later this will become something. I hope.