Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Yes, I'm drooling. This is too beautiful, magical, magnificent, marvelous, simply brilliant. Time to go find a thesaurus and finish this post. I want to tryyyy.

*Hah, well I can't imbed this particular video, so if you want to see what all the fuss is about go here. If not, please have a fantastic, joyous, peaceful, radical, happy day.*

I normally promise I'm working on something and that posts will be coming shortly. I can't make that promise this time. I'm working on something but it's moving way too slowly and with only 3 months left here, I think I'd rather be lying on the beach (and it's hard to fold paper on the beach - it's too windy and sandy and wet). No, I can't promise, but I'll try!

Sunday, 8 April 2012


It's a lesson we all learn when we're young: Sharing is caring.

So what was shared with me and what will I share with you today? Well, it began with a friend of mine giving me a lovely gift of two packs of beautiful Japanese origami paper. I was kind of surprised that someone would do such a spontaneously kind act.

Shortly after, another gift was shared with me. I was taught this simple but elegant butterfly design. The two things shared with me at this point seemed to go quite well together and therefor I couldn't stop folding butterflies with this beautiful paper. The result was a decent sized pile of them kind of scattered around my room. All the while with the plan in my head to return a gift back to the person who started it all - so here's the result:

A little butterfly display (consisting of only the rarest of species, of course) which I will give to my friend as a thanks for giving me the paper in the first place.

I kind of really enjoyed this mini-project. I think when I go back to Canada, I might find myself re-doing it (possibly on a larger scale).

Oh yes, and in other sharing news: Someone actually answered my plea for new origami-related books from a previous post. My dearest mama was kind enough to order two books off of my wishlist (what! that actually worked??) and ship them straight to my office for a dancing-embarrassingly-in-front-of-my-coworkers surprise. Funnily enough though, I wanted these books so bad that I ended up getting them despite my financial restrictions a few weeks earlier. Yes, the exact same two books. So, I ended up with double. I guess I'm just too predictable. But still, I've had a lot of people show me they care because they share in this past little while and it's been too sweet. So thanks to those who share! Go out there and get sharing/caring.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


There have not been any April showers, and there are already May flowers up in here. Hong Kong is getting to be a smothering mid-twenties with 90% humidity kinda place. So I hid in my room last night with the air-con a-blastin' whilst I folded a little Spring-themed origami. Rafaelita by Lukasheva Ekaterina.

I have several projects on the go right now... But they've all lost steam. I need to get back in it but again, this heat is slowing me down!