Friday, 16 March 2012


I promised a new post, but I didn't say it would be good. So here's a failed attempt at Francesco Mancini's Morningstar... My past few projects have all been using the same unit by him, and with a slight variation on that unit, he created a whole different kind of model (this one). Problem is, he didn't mention what that variation was or how you put the thing together, so I thought I'd be all clever and take on the challenge of figuring it out by only referencing his Flickr photos. I almost figured it out... sort of. I think I have the basic geometry down (a "rhombicubeoctahedron"), but it's not constructed quite the same and because of this it's collapsing on itself (and yes, I did use tape and scissors, duhn-duhn-duuhnn. I'll admit it!). Either way though, here's the fail:

Okay, fingers crossed that the next thing I make will turn out okay.....

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