Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I don't know if I owe any kind of explanation to my non-existent blog-readers as to where I was for the past little while, and why I'm back now... But too bad, I'm going to give one anyways. If not just to get the posts flowing again. 

Well, in a nutshell, I uprooted myself from my hometown of Ottawa, where I spent my entire life, and planted myself in this new and mystifying land they like to call Hong Kong. A land of crowds, neon signs, high rise buildings, and strange smells that waft around every corner. It's basically overwhelming. 

Anyways, moved in to an apartment, got an internship and have been hella busy, okay? No time to fold, and it's been pretty sad. On top of which, my job hasn't been all that fulfilling as I have very little responsibilities. I spent the larger chunk of my time there so far teaching myself 3Ds Max, a 3D modeling software. What was seemingly impossible at the beginning slowly became familiar until I was dreaming in the program (creating worlds out of cubes and spheres and manipulating them, it was freaky). It's crazy what you can teach yourself in a few weeks. Thanks to the magic of Youtube. 

So here's a bit of what I've done so far. I learned to create objects, make and assign materials to them, then light the scene that they were in. The Eames chair was done through a step-by-step tutorial. The kitchen scene and dining room scene I copied from images I found on Google, and that desk scene was just completely made up from my head. Minus the desk and chair which are some products I love from Blu Dot.

Some real design is finally happening though, so I've had to put my 3Ds Max training aside for a while. Haven't sketched in ages (and it feels like I haven't used my brain too much either, just letting it rot in front of a computer screen).

Simultaneously Illustrator-ing and sketching out layouts and elevations... Aaahhhh, I feel like I'm back! Using my brain and folding! So there. That's my story. Riveting, I know.

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