Tuesday, 1 November 2011


So here’s my situation: Opportunity vs. money. I’m currently debating between two jobs. One paid but going nowhere, one unpaid but an opportunity of a lifetime. Here I am, turning out my already empty pockets, and I’m considering going even broker. Oh and did I mention, I may be getting kicked out of my awesomely-cheap apartment. In times like this, I’ll turn to the thing I love most. Clearly, I’ve got money on my mind. If I had some dollah-dollah bills, I may be tempted to do some money-folding, but sadly, I think I'll keep them in my wallet so I can afford dinner tonight.

By Won Park for YIU Studio.

PS, I suppose now’s the time to quote some lil’ Wayne lyrics but... I think I’ll spare this blog from the profanities.

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