Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Spending time on Flickr has its advantages. The other day, browsing through some cool origami albums, I stumbled upon Polly Verity and her Flickr account - which is just full of gorgeous works.


The stuff she makes is so magical and seems to defy all folding laws - perfect curves, corners and edges. How does she do it? She folds polypropylene using a Craft Robo - a printer-like device that has a small blade rather than ink cartridges. Through a compter program, patterns can be made then "printed" through the Craft Robo onto anything from light film to cardstock and plastic. These scored cuts on the polypro can then be folded and collapsed into things like what Polly Verity does. In conclusion, I need a Craft Robo and some polypropylene.

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