Sunday, 27 January 2013


Surprise! The blog is still alive! In a spree of procrastination, I found myself browsing Youtube (as one does), and came across a great and magical origami project which I couldn't resist attempting. After months of posting hiatus, I shall happily present it to you now. The Revealed Flower by Gonchar Valentina has a lovely hidden secret within it that is best presented not in still images but in a .gif!

As you can see, this clever design starts off as a... Actually, I don't know what this polyhedron is called. I'll call it a penta-pyramid dodecahedron for now and if anyone could enlighten me, that would be excellent. Anyways, yeah, pretty little flowers pop up from this penta-pyramid dodecahedron to create something even more complex, that I won't even try to identify! In the dreary month of January, it is nice to think of Spring.

Though the effect is cute with the multiple colours, I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have had the inside-surprise colour to just be a single one rather than six. Too bad I don't have 60 pieces of the same coloured paper. Other observations: not the cleanest of models, but it's been a while! And forgive me for photographing on my work table - coffee ring stains and cutting marks abound. Now, to end off, I'll say that I do have work to post... It's just a matter of documenting. So if you really are bored, check back from time to time and there may be another surprise in it for you. Maybe. Ta!