Sunday, 23 September 2012


Lately I've found myself more and more fascinated with corrugations. You know, just like when you were a little kid in art class and your teacher asked you to make a fan out of construction paper... Only a little bit more complex. Nothing much to explain, other than the simple manipulation of the mountains, valleys, mountains, valleys...

So I guess you could say, I have been a bit busy!....

This kind of thing is just too easy to play around with when you're sitting there with a piece of scrap paper. Dangerously easy, as  in it can completely engulf you when you get too into it (example: the last picture...) and then hours go by! 

1-2: From Folding Techniques for Designers - From Sheet to Form
3: My brain
4: Andrea Russo's Flickr
5: My brain 

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