Sunday, 26 August 2012


Hola amigos. So. I've reached a rather boring lull of time between after-the-internship and before-school-starts-again periods and have been using it ever so badly. I've got half-started stuff and ideas-in-the-head stuff that I need to get working on before I get too busy to do either. 

Anyways, as I discovered old origamis from a year ago, I found this one, which just happened to kind of pop nicely onto the existing lamp shade in my hallway. So, for now it's found a decent home up there.

It's been stuffed in a closet for a year so that accounts for it's rather squished, non-symmetrical shape. If I find some fishing line, I could fix it so it gets a nice plump round shape since I'm not sure I'm liking how elongated it hangs. But, that's just adding more to my to-do list of things that will probably stay at the bottom of the priority list. Ta!

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