Friday, 10 February 2012


Let's start this post with some interesting trivia, just so that whoever does visit this blog feels like they are getting something out of dropping by:

Did you know, sea urchins are the longest living creatures on the planet, with some living for over 200 years! They live for 200 years, yet they have no brain.

Fascinating isn't it. Anyways, without further ado here's the latest addition to the origami ball family: a Sea Urchin Star by Martin Sejer Andersen. Thoughts on this one: meh... I didn't find it too exciting really. I think it's a colour thing. This would look better as just one solid colour so that the white tips had a stronger contrast.  Oh well, I'm all about aquas and greys, so I guess it'll do. 

This lack of enthusiasm here isn't boding well. I'm going to go scour the interwebs for some new folds and get excited again. OR, maybe someone wants to give me some money to go buy some books. Yes. Someone fund my nerdinesss, prease!

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