Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Found the cutest little vintage shop close to my work... I'm for sure going back there. So many little finds to be found. Sure, so I was browsing, and then something just caught my eye cause it pretty much had my name on it. Actually, on the tag were the initials "R.T". A "T" is close enough to an "H" right? So, I bought it instantly. Well, no, I went to contemplate the purchase over a drink in the nearby creepy side-alley bar full of stray cats (which makes it hipsterycool) first, then purchased it. Either way, don't you love it? Doesn't it just say "R.H"?

Yeah, it's pretty cute. And a little pointy, so I've stabbed myself a couple times already. But it's worth it. I wonder how many crane-themed artifacts I will own by the time I die...

Oh, and in conclusion: vintage stores next to secret-full-of-stray-cat bars are going to get my business. I'm much more willing to fork over some of my precious cash for something awesome after a rum and coke.

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