Thursday, 14 July 2011


Yes! I found a new puzzle today. As usual, it was a tough one that required a lot of head-scratching, jamming paper tabs into the wrong pockets, and some mild cursing. This was a very interesting piece: 12 15x15 cm square sheets, which formed 4 rings, made of 3 units each. These four rings had to intersect properly to form a stellated rhombic dodecahedron. Fun numbers.

The rings that were formed have 3 parallelogram faces and six triangular faces. When joined together, the pyramids they form has a rhombic base rather than a square base which I think is kind of cool...

The outcome was more satisfying than a normal modular ball, as generally this shape would require at least 24 units. Because it's formed with intersecting rings, it doesn't need nearly as many - it's just a bit more confusing to assemble. In the end I'm glad I stumbled across this design by Jeannine Mosley (Diagram here).

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