Sunday, 10 July 2011


I have returned from my trip! In the past month I have seen so many things that made me go "ooohhh" and quickly snap a picture (and by quickly I mean really quickly, hence some of the not-so-good quality photos). Paper-related or not, these things I saw made me want to fold, cut, score and crumple paper and now that I'm home, I plan to do just that! Here are some photos of stuff that inspired me on my trip.

Paper cut-out chandelier @ La Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milan

Third Stellation of Dodecahedron Model @ Da Vinci Museum of Science and Tech, Milan

Faceted Mirror @ Anish Kapoor Exhibit, Milan

Roof of Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Konstantin Grcic's One Chair @ a garden exhibition space, Milan

Tangram Bookshelf @ Lago Studio, Venice

Ceramic origami horse @ a random shop window, Milan

Foscarini Lamp for Diesel @ Foscarini Showroom, Venice

Creased fabric lamp shade @ Boffi Showroom, Milan

Exhibit in Italian Pavilion @ Biennale Di Venizia

Roof of the Pantheon, Rome

Face Statue @ Bisazza Showroom, Venice

 Origami Boat Light @ Macro Museum Giftshop, Rome

I've acquired a lot of pictures which have inspired a lot of projects in my head now that I'm back. I have a limited time to make those ideas in my head real, so we'll see what I can do in that time. It's time to get this blog going again.

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